March 16, 2018

How to Fill Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Selling on social media platforms is tricky because there is a fine line between selling your product and becoming “spammy.” Whether you use the 80/20 rule for your Social Media Marketing Plan (SMMP) or the 1/3 Personal, 1/3 Business, 1/3 Sales approach, there are a lot of holes to fill. Due to lack of experience, many business owners-turned-marketers struggle to fill out their SMMP with anything other than sales. Remember these are “SOCIAL” platforms…be social.

Here are the two questions you absolutely need to have answers to when mapping our your SMMP:
1. What is my target markets pain point?
2. How do I solve it?

Next ask – How many times a week (on each platform) am I willing to consistently post?

Consistency is key. There is no real magic number of how many times your brand should post because it varies from platform to platform and business to business. BUT if you commit to five times a week be sure to plan your content for five times a week. Using the recommended SMMP formula that means if you are posting five times a week only ONE post should be self-promotional or “salesy”, yes only one!

When in doubt, try walking a mile in your customer’s shoes. Go through your social media pages as if you were a customer. What do you see? If you were the customer why would you return to this page? Is your page entertaining? Is your page informational? Are you translating your WHY, HOW and WHAT?As The Social Media Diva, the most fun element of my job is filling in the gaps with fun “non-salesy” content.

Here are some suggestions to help you with alternate content.

  1. Use Emotional Triggers – guests love when your brand gives back. When they purchase from you they feel as if they are contributing to a great cause as well. Talk about how you give back and why. Let them know that your brand is socially conscientious.
  2. Partner with other brands or influencers – having promotional partners is a great way to complement your business. The more chances you have to get your name stirring around the social arena the better your opportunity for your next best customer to see you.
  3. Be recognized as an authority in your field – the social landscape changes every time a newbie steps into the arena and shouts out “I am the greatest.” Curiosity may pick up but are they the greatest or just the loudest? Be sure your social pages show your expertise. Show your guests not only that you are the greatest but you are capable and qualified to answer and resolve your clients’ pain point with efficiency and expertise.

Social users are becoming much more savvy, and with that, more particular about how they want to receive their information. Be genuine, be relevant and be consistent. Transparency has become a buzz word to many of your potential customers: the more you allow your guests to feel like they are a part of your business culture, the quicker you will be able to turn those clicks to cash.

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