April 26, 2018

What is Branding

Branding is NOT just your pretty logo. That’s part of it but by far not the everything some people suggest it is.

With today’s technology what used to be a faraway dream can now almost instantly become our reality. Anyone can make their truth your reality. Information and ideas can be passed so quickly and new messages are just a LIVE button away.

Knowledge is vital; keeping up with the trends and making sure you thoroughly understand at least the enduring foundations of Marketing.


Your Facebook page is your Brand, yes? No. 

Well then, your logo is your brand. Wrong again. 

There’s a whole raft of misconceptions about branding that have gained traction out there…

Branding is NOT just your pretty logo. That’s part of it but by far not the everything some people suggest it is.

All of these go into your branding:

  • Your corporate “look”
  • How you present yourself
  • Are you friendly and outgoing
  • Are you easy to get hold of?
  • Is your store/office neat and presentable
  • Are your business ethics honorable
  • Are your products/services easily available
  • And more

Ultimately: How do your prospects and customers perceive you. THAT is your brand.

It’s not just your Facebook page, or just your LinkedIn page, or just your Instagram – or at least it shouldn’t be. Look what just happened to all those Vine “celebrities” solely depending on the forever existence of that platform – and POOF gone.

The takeaway here is: be sure to be on multiple sites. Use all your resources, but make sure the bulk of your content has a home that you own, like a website.

Be consistent, so wherever your guest finds you, there should be some familiarity to them, i.e., logo, coloring, look, and style. But be mindful that this consistency is NOT identical on each platform because they all have their own look and feel. But it still has to be “you.”

Example: Facebook is a great place to show your personality, but not the only place. You can show your personality on LinkedIn too … but there you’ll bring the person who would show up to a business meeting, not the Facebook person that only a mother could love and understand. All of that is also part of your brand and how you put yourself out to the world.

Back in the day Branding used to be called “Customer Profile.” Then it was “Corporate Identity.” Now it’s “Branding.” Tomorrow it will be … I don’t know? Looked at it this way, Branding has a long and evolving history.

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