May 10, 2018

LinkedIn for Beginners

Breathe in, breathe out! LinkedIn is not as scary as you might think.

Breathe in, breathe out! LinkedIn is not as scary as you might think. I must admit in my early days of social media,  I perceived LinkedIn as too intimidating on which to post.  Well, those days are gone! Some of the features they have added to lighten the air are LIVE video, GIFS in messaging and now Hashtags are being encouraged.

If you are a LinkedIn newbie here are some fundamental tips on what to do.
  • Your Profile
    •  Make sure that you have a professional headshot as your profile picture.
    •  Include a nice cover photo, one with your logo that ties you and your brand together.
  • The Headline
    • This follows you when you engage post, engage in content, and it is a great place to capitalize on listing your value proposition.
      • Clear and catchy
      • Include your Value Proposition
      • Use a symbol or brackets to separate
If you list “Business Coach” as your job, what is it that sets you apart from the next person who has the same job listing?  Each business coach approaches his or her clients differently–briefly identify your approach.
  •  The Summary
    • Depending on whom you ask this varies on the proper way to approach your summary.  If you want to capitalize on LinkedIn’s algorithm my best advice is to hire someone to do it for you.  Here are the basics when crafting your summary.
      • Start with either a quote, social proof or ask a question
      • In the body of the summary, address your target market’s pain point and how you will be resolving it.
      • Expand on your value proposition
      • Use bullet points
  • Other Items to consider
    • Make your Experiences short and sweet (save the details for your resume).  Only show the items that support your current job position
      • Focus on one business
      •  Remember to create a business listing
      • Show off your recommendations
      • Fill in all contact details–make it easy for your potential client to contact you
      • Become an authority by writing long-form articles

Please note there is a difference between writing a long form article and writing a blog.  Long forms are experiential and a blog is educational, answering the questions what, where, when and how

Now that your profile is all set to captivate your next best client, it’s time to start engaging.  Using the position of the business coach start connecting with other users that you would want to be your prospects.  It is customary to send a NOTE with your request to connect, and it is more likely for them to accept when you do.  Be honest with your intention to connect and try to find something that you have in common.
When you begin posting on LinkedIn remember this is your Business Networking platform: post things that are related to your business.  Fun office stories, insight, tips are all suggested, but steer clear of over-sharing personal posts.
Make sure to offer your expertise where appropriate.  Remember not only are you sharing your knowledge with the person who posted but also for anyone who also engages–it is there for all to see.  Be sure that your post speaks to the values of your brand and avoid offending others with your posts and comments.
Approach LinkedIn like you would go to a Networking Event.  Your business card is your profile and your engagement is the beginning of the courting process with your next prospects, leads and your next best client.
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