Let Shelley Marie help you develop a Social Media Strategy for your brand.  Her One-on-One coaching is more than just a list of “how to’s” but she will get in depth with you to find your company’s voice.   Shelley Marie is available to coach you as you learn the process for yourself. She’ll provide instruction, posting plans, and great tips to get your social media working for you.

Are you…

          Wondering why those clicks are not turning to cash?

         Needing to find out if you are reaching your target market?

         Posting just to post and wondering why your effort is not reflected in your results?

If any of that sounds familiar then it is time to book a Consultation with The Social Media Diva.   Book a 30 minute FREE Consultation and let her see where you are in your Social Media Marketing Strategy.  From there you can decide if full one hour sessions would benefit your brand.

Shelley is an amazing teacher and coach. She has been a tremendous help in getting my Facebook business page where it needs to be. She is highly knowledgeable and confident and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend you contact her if your Facebook needs a “Facelift”.”  Annie Bourgeois