Have you ever meet someone, that when they walked into the room it suddenly changed. Well, Shelley Marie is that type of person and when she steps on to that platform that same energy is shared with all who are in attendance.

Coming from a multi-media and promotional upbringing her classes are jammed packed with tools, information, and education you will be ready and eager to get your Social Media Marketing Strategy up and running as soon as your head stops spinning.

Shelley Marie is available as a guest speaker for your event of 10 or more guests. She’ll present topics like…

    • Facebook 101
    • Social Media Cleanup
    • How to set up a Posting Schedule
    • 4 Platforms, 4 Languages, and hashtags
    • Social Media Etiquette/Avoiding Spam and Facebook Jail
    • Understanding Your Target Market
  • How to Run an Effective Ad Campaign

AND so much more… 

Shelley Marie is extremely knowledgeable, exudes energy and is always ready and eager to help!

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Shelley Marie is a creative, value-driven powerhouse. Her energy is contagious, her knowledge impressive, and her confidence well earned. Working with her is exciting and fun.” Susan Lehmkuhl, Virtual Healthcare

Google Partner Web Marketing Workshop

Google Partner Web Marketing Workshop

March 24, 2018

What a pleasure to co-present with Brian Lawson of WebMO to our guests how to  Master the “duopoly” of digital marketing and grow your business in 2018!

Google and Facebook have been referred to as the “duopoly” of digital marketing, accounting for about 70% of online marketing ad spend.

Brian and Shelley are two leading experts who taught on all of the most up to date tactics and strategies and discuss both the opportunities and challenges related to each of these platforms.

This workshop was high on both information and energy and was the first step towards coming up with the best 2018 digital marketing and social media strategy for your business.

Self Made Successful Women Panel #9

Self Made Successful Women Panel 9-PHX

March 2, 2018

I was excited to presenting at the ” Self Made Successful Women” Panel, where successful women entrepreneurs and business owners share with our life, our personal journeys to success, the challenges we have faced and some of their most important life lessons. We inspired the other women entrepreneurs to see that there are infinite possibilities to create your own definition of success.

Speaker at Forum

Socially Unstoppable Women’s Forum

February 8th, 2018

Grit and Grace, Co. proudly presents the “Socially Unstoppable Womens” Forum! Come join our panel of successful, socially unstoppable female entrepreneurs and business women as they share their stories, expertise, tools, tricks and secrets of being a Socially Unstoppable Divas in their field.